With a Mini nanny, your fur baby can enjoy your holiday, too!

Meet Katie Delimon, an inspiring Yogi and wellness expert that trust Mini Nanny Agency every time to care for her fur baby! Find out how she felt about our services (spoiler: it’s love!).

- The Calile Hotel

- The Calile Hotel

With a Mini nanny, your pet can enjoy your holiday, too!

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog posts, or following mini’s Insta page, you already know that it’s a ‘must love dogs’ kind of situation down at Mini HQ. We adore our all the fur babies!

We also know (from personal experience!) how our fur babies become more than pets – they’re really a part of the family. That’s why it was a really easy decision to offer pet nannying as part of our services.

At mini we treat our pet families just as well as we do our human ones. From finding the perfect nanny, to creating a super easy process, to ensuring reliable and loving care, we’re here to make your life easier, and your pet’s life more comfortable.

Katie Delimon is an inspiring yoga teacher and wellness expert, who has recently used Mini’s services to care for her excitable Miniature Bull Terrier, Shark. We sat down with her to find out how she felt about mini and our services (spoiler: it’s love!).


Katie, can you tell us a bit about your background, and how you first discovered Mini Nanny Agency?

My name is Katie Delimon and I have my own health and wellness business, Unify with Bliss. At Unify we mainly focus on yoga and meditation, but also offer Reiki, mindfulness courses and retreats.

I have lived all over the globe, in places such as Sydney, LA and New York City, but I am now based in New Farm and absolutely love Brisbane! Because I often need to travel for work, I was on the lookout for a trustworthy dog sitter, but being new to the city I wasn’t exactly sure where to go.

I was so glad I met Michelle, the owner of mini Nanny Agency at a yoga class I was teaching in New Farm. I immediately had a great feeling and knew I was in amazing hands!

Can you introduce us to your puppy?

My puppy’s name is Shark. She is a 16-month-old, red Miniature Bull Terrier. The best way to describe her is either very lazy or very crazy. She’s not to be trusted, but too lovable not to cuddle!

What do Mini’s nannies do for you?

Mini found me a sitter for Shark. I was away for 10 days researching places to hold my next retreat (exciting stuff coming soon). A wonderful sitter named Belinda stayed in our home and took extra special care of our four-legged fur baby.

How has Mini made your life and career easier?

The agency made my time away much more carefree. I could concentrate on my work without the guilt of my dog being locked in a cage all day at a kennel. It was wonderful knowing she had the comfort of staying in her own home. The sitter sent us daily photos and kept us up-to-date. It felt like she grew a special bond with Shark, and treated her as if she were her own.

We were very well looked after by Mini Nanny Agency. We had great communication and they put in lots of effort to ensure we got the right fit. We felt very comfortable with their placement, and were thrilled to have such a smooth process. Also, we didn’t have to break the bank to get such a great service! It was the same price, if not less expensive than a kennel and WAY better SERVICE!

I’m sure all dog owners will agree that our fur babies are just like our children, so we worry about them and miss them dearly when we are away. I highly recommend mini to anybody going away, especially those who don’t want to put their pets in a kennel.

Are the nannies really as good with dogs as with kids?

We don’t have any kids so I can only speak to the dogs, but Belinda was wonderful with our baby girl! She even bought her treats and took her to the dog park quite often. It was a fantastic experience and we wouldn’t hesitate to book a mini nanny again!

Thank you Katie! Katie is more than just a dog lover, she’s also an incredible yogi. Her yoga classes are amazing (just ask Michelle)! Definitely check out Unify with Bliss for yoga, meditation, mindfulness training, retreats or even incredible lavender scented eye pillows.

We love our fur babies at mini! Reach out here or contact our Mini team here. We’d love to love your fur baby too.