Meet Victoria, The Maternity Nanny.

Want help with your newborn? We can help.

We know it can be a very daunting time coming home from the hospital with a new baby even if it is not your first. That’s where a Maternity Nanny can help. Victoria has worked in London, New York and all around the world with some amazing well known families. Lucky for Brisbane she’s now living here! She just loves working with babies and getting them into a good routine that fits in with their family. She enjoys teaching the parents about babies so that they feel a little more confident. She has built great relationships with her previous families and continues to offer ongoing advice over email or via phone calls. She either charges an hourly rate or a daily rate – she’s very flexible!

Each family she works with is different which is why her role always varies slightly. For some families it is just having someone come in overnight to care for the baby so they can get a good night’s sleep. For others it is for advice and helping implement feeding routines and also giving them a much needed and deserved break. She can offer advice on:

mothercraft nurse hire
  • Activities
  • Traveling with a baby/small children
  • Products
  • Introducing solids and the list goes on!
  • Breast vs formula feeding
  • Routines
  • Sleep
  • Bathing

Call us on 0433 420 157 or email anytime and see if we can book you a spot with the gorgeous Victoria.