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We love kids! We're all about innovation and providing a fun & personable experience. We take the time to personally get to know all our families we work with to ensure the perfect nanny for you. Contact us today!

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I'm looking for a nanny

Im looking for a nanny

Our aim is to find the perfect nanny for you! Someone who is not only experienced but patient, trustworthy, reliable, kind and caring. Using a nanny provides your children with one to one attention and care ensuring their emotional needs are being met.

I'm looking for a job

im looking for a job as a nanny

Being a Nanny not only pays well but is also one of the most rewarding industries to be part of! With mini, you can find full time, part time, contract and casual nanny jobs in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Sydney. 

Before & after school care

Mini School Care

Looking for before & after school care? We can help! You will step in where the parents left off, providing love, care, nurturing support and home work supervision not to mention some fun!



Why mini?


Peace of mind

Finding a nanny privately can be time-consuming, stressful and hard work. Nanny agencies like MNA make the process faster and easier, as well as providing peace of mind knowing we have done thorough checks of qualifications, documents and references. 

Child Care Benefits

If your nanny is a registered child care worker, you may be eligible to claim the Child Care Benefit.  See our Employer Obligations fact sheet for more information. If you are looking for a nanny job in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, we will listen to your needs to ensure we find your perfect family.

Clients Choose Us

"Michelle at Mini found us a lovely Nanny who has exceeded our expectations and is liked by the whole family.  Our Nanny has worked out so well that I want to keep her permanently!" 

Member of the Australian nanny association

We are a proud member of the Australian Nanny Association

Australia's national peak body for the nanny industry. The Australian Nanny Association Incorporated (ANA) was established in 2012 by a small group of nannies and nanny agency owners to provide a support network for Australia’s large nanny community, the families who engage their services and the agencies who facilitate the employment of nannies.