Mini's Guide to Brisbane-Local Mother's Day Gifts

Mini Nanny Agency Brisbane Mother's Day

Mother's day is only less than a week away. If you don't already know, Mini Nanny Agency has teamed up with the groovers and shakers from Boppin Babies to put together a Mother's Day Competition with over $400 worth of prizes both mums and bubs can enjoy. 

We shouldn't need a dedicated day to show our appreciation to the beautiful, hardworking super-mums in our lives because we should be showing it often! If you're stuck on a thoughtful Mother's Day gift that will make the wonderful mums in your life feel pampered and spoiled, this Brisbane nanny agency is all over it with our list of unique and local Mother's Day gift ideas. 

Mini Nanny Agency -Brigitte Tohm Mother's Day

Spoil her with luxury chocolates

Mini x My Chocolate Boutique

Is there a sweeter way to say 'I love you' than with chocolates? One of Mini Nanny Agency's favourite super-mums, My Nguyen is the creative genius behind Indooroopilly's luxury chocolate shop, My Chocolate Boutique

Spoil mum with the gorgeous Gold Leaf chocolates, hand-made in Brisbane decorated with edible 24-k gold leaf--because our mums deserve the very best! 

My Chocolate Boutique is full of eye-candy! You can custom make your mum a box full of her favourite chocolates, do a one-stop shop with a beautifully packaged gift-bag, or pick up one of the well-curated collaborations with The Lip Lab Brisbane or Julisa Nail Polish.


Custom Makeup

The Lip Lab Brisbane is sure to be the perfect treat for the make-up addicts. Book mum an appointment at the Adelaide Street studio so she can get creative and custom design and name her perfect lipgloss, lipstick, foundation, and concealer with the incredibly knowledgeable Lip Lab team. 

The Lip Lab Brisbane

It's a mesmerising process watching the different pigments mix into each other to create the desired shade. If you do get mum an appointment here, the Lip Lab team recommends you bring some photos of the lip colour you have in mind for inspiration. 

Float Therapy

Treat your mum with some relaxation time with a float at City Cave. They have a beautiful float studio off of James Street-- perfect for busy city-living to tune out and connect to a deep level of relaxation. Float therapy involves spending an hour or more in a complete darkness in a warm bath of Epsom salt.

This therapy is known to reduce stress levels all throughout your body, easy muscle tension, and soreness, decrease anxiety, and depression, and aid in weight loss by helping the mind get into an optimistic mindset. 


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Yoga Passes

Last week, we interviewed another super-mum, Lexi Crouch who owns Ashtanga Yoga Brisbane on James Street and is a mum and bubs yoga instructor at Yoga Everyday in Stafford. The mum and bubs yoga workshops run fortnightly. The class is a gentle yoga flow and post-natal routine for new mums. It's a great opportunity to meet other new mums and join a supportive community. 

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Yoga passes are an excellent gift for anyone. They usually don't expire and gives them an opportunity to try something new if they haven't already committed to an exercise routine or yoga studio.

Mini Nanny Agency Gift Voucher!

Oh, the versatility of this gift! If you need a nanny in Brisbane, Goldcoast, or Byron Bay give the team at Mini a ring. Gifting a family a nanny agency voucher allows for the possibilities of a date night, girls night out for mum, or even an overnight stay at the coast kid-free. 

Mini Nanny Agency Gift Voucher

Our nannies are certified, creative, and all around super-nannies and the kids will be happy to be entertained by them while mum enjoys all the pampering she deserves!


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