How mini Makes the Perfect Nanny Match

The Perfect Nanny For You

Finding the perfect nanny match begins with you. We encourage families to get tactical when it comes to hiring a nanny and we want to help you make an informed decision. After all, childcare solution is an important matter considering your future nanny will also be partially responsible for raising your children. Weigh your options carefully and make sure it’s a decision your family feels good about.

Every client-family has a different idea of their perfect nanny, and it’s our mission as a nanny agency to uncover both the family and nanny’s values to make that perfect match. You can rest-assured that every nanny we represent has gone through the mini Nanny Agency screening process. We curate your nanny candidate shortlist based on your values and mini's high standards. 


Mini Nanny Agencies Nanny Requirements:


1. Love for Children

We only entertain the candidates that share our love for children. These people are inherently kind, nurturing, and creative. mini Nanny Agency employs a psychometric test that determines how suitable candidates are to the nannying field. This gives us a better idea of who the candidate is beyond their resume. 

2. Responsible

It’s essential for all nannies to have the right skills to make good judgment calls and know how to communicate with their employers. This includes being reliable and taking ownership of their actions. It’s the understanding that nannying is not a glorified babysitter and it’s certainly not a ‘slacker’ job.

3. Experience

All of our nannies will come to your short list with First Aid and Blue Card certifications, as required by the state of Queensland. They will also have previous experience working with children although the extensiveness every candidate's experiences vary. 

Preparation from the Family:


Every family will have a different version of their perfect nanny. Communication with both your nanny recruiter and your candidates is essential. Tell us everything we need to know about your household and expectations to provide us with insight into what you’re looking for in a nanny. Think about your family’s routines and where you can use an extra pair of helping hands when it comes to supporting your children. 


Consider what your values are. This is mini’s starting point for matching the perfect nanny for our clients. Values are inherently learned in the household and are passed on from generation to generation. These values might look like a family’s structure, function, roles, beliefs, attitudes, and ideals. Values create the foundation of how you want to live your family life and can solidify the bond your family has. We believe the key to a successful match is finding a nanny who shares your values.


Age vs. Experience

Both younger and older nannies have their advantages and disadvantages. Younger nannies tend to be livelier and much more energetic which is great if you have active kids. Since younger nannies are looking to gain more experience, they also tend to be the most cost effective option. 
The downside to hiring a younger nanny is that they may lack the maturity and experience for dealing with discipline and difficult situations. The university students and traveler candidates might have taken on nannying as a way to make extra cash so their level of dedication and availability might be limiting for your requirements, so keep all of this mind. 
While older candidates might lack in energy and relatability to your kids, they make up for in experience, especially moms who have dealt with the same matters as yourself first hand and tend to be much more understanding and can offer a different kind of support to you as parents. 



Your budget can oftentimes determine the candidates available to you. The more experienced nannies have made a career out of caring for children and come at a higher cost for their services. While we can guide you on how much you should compensate your nannies, it’s really a conversation to be had between you and your nanny. 
mini Guide: Nanny Employment Agreement

Trial Period

Once you think you’ve met the perfect nanny for your family, you’ll still need see how you work as a team. It may take 2 weeks to see if you’ve made the right decision with your nanny. Remember to be fair, and give them a chance. After all, it is a new job and new routine for the nanny, children, and you, as parents, to adjust to. Use your instincts to determine if you’ve hired someone whose values don’t quite line up with yours. We will always respect your decision. Our nanny recruitment services include a satisfaction period; we’re determined to get that perfect match. 


The information you need to tell your nanny recruiters:

  • When and how many hours will you be requiring nanny services? 
  • What area will you be required a nanny in and what are their expected duties? 
  • Will the nanny need a driver’s license and their own vehicle? 
  • How many children and what ages? 
  • Do your children have special medical requirements, allergies, dietary restrictions that your nanny needs to know about? 
  • Do you have household pets?
  • What is a day in the life like with your family? 
  • Do you require your nannies to have special skills or additional qualifications? Ie. Tutor, child care development courses, speak additional languages, etc.. 

What you need to inform your nanny:

  • Be clear on your expectations and scope of work
  • Does your child have any health issues, allergies, or dietary requirements? 
  • Give your nanny a tour of your home and where they can find medicine, first-aid kit, and important contacts
  •  Write down all the children’s habits from everything they like to eat, temperaments, and daily schedule

 Try to keep an open mind. Everyone has something unique to offer to the role. We are Brisbane’s favourite boutique nanny agency and finding the right solution to your childcare needs is our specialty. Your nanny is a decision we ultimately want to make sure you feel good about. To ensure the most streamlined process, try to keep these tips in mind when embarking on your nanny search. 


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A Note to the Hardworking Nannies Out There

Hard Working Nannies

Dear nannies, 

What makes a great nanny is not something you find on a CV, but is found in the nanny's story, personality, and values. Many nannies we recruit have post-secondary education in childcare, a long history of experience in professional nannying and are parents themselves, but it's truly your patience, compassion, and ability to anticipate the family's needs that make a great nanny. Every person has a unique set of skills, experience, and outlook they can bring to a family and the great thing about nannying as a career is freedom to let your personality and nannying style shine through. 

Childcare workers are one of the most undervalued career options; It's no doubt a problem in our society. Let's all work together to debunk this conception with a positivity and being informative. Nannying can be an under-appreciated job, and it's probably because most people's general conception of nannying is a glorified babysitter, paid to hang out with kids all day, or thought of as house-cleaners. We know, of course, these people could not be more wrong (have they ever cared for a child all day long?-- it's full on work, physically and mentally draining!) 

Hard working nannies, kids

Never underestimate the significance of your role. As a nanny, you wear many hats in the household. Your role is to shape the next generation through patient guidance and role modelling in your everyday actions. Nannies are the cultivators of our future, chefs for some of the pickiest eaters, the chauffeurs for the kids' busy schedules, the nurses, the story-tellers, the teachers, the counsellors, the mediators, and the cheerleaders. 

When mom and dad are out of commission, it's your job to be the best version of their parents you can be. It's very rare that you're sitting around on the job because there is always something to do around the house to help the family's schedule run more smoothly. Mom and dad have entrusted you with the most important role, and that is being one of the pillars of support in their children's' lives. 

hard working nannies-kid sweater

Caring for children is one of the most rewarding careers. Children look up to you as their hero, their confidant, and run to you in need of comfort. Nannies become honourary family members. The intimacy of caring for children in the family's home is a huge privilege, and families will never forget your commitment and love for their children. 

Thank you to the brilliant, big-hearted, hard-working nannies that make mini Nanny Agency one of the best nanny recruitment agencies in Brisbane. The most rewarding aspect of a recruiter's day at team mini is receiving that phone call from a happy family letting us know that we've found their perfect nanny. 

We have some interviews of some of the mini's best nannies on our blog so have a read! Each nanny has their own unique journey to tell and it's been such a privilege to share these stories and have them represent Mini Nanny Agency to such lovely families. 

Cheers to you nannies! 

Mini Nanny Agency


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Mini's Guide to Brisbane-Local Mother's Day Gifts

Mini Nanny Agency Brisbane Mother's Day

Mother's day is only less than a week away. If you don't already know, Mini Nanny Agency has teamed up with the groovers and shakers from Boppin Babies to put together a Mother's Day Competition with over $400 worth of prizes both mums and bubs can enjoy. 

We shouldn't need a dedicated day to show our appreciation to the beautiful, hardworking super-mums in our lives because we should be showing it often! If you're stuck on a thoughtful Mother's Day gift that will make the wonderful mums in your life feel pampered and spoiled, this Brisbane nanny agency is all over it with our list of unique and local Mother's Day gift ideas. 

Mini Nanny Agency -Brigitte Tohm Mother's Day

Spoil her with luxury chocolates

Mini x My Chocolate Boutique

Is there a sweeter way to say 'I love you' than with chocolates? One of Mini Nanny Agency's favourite super-mums, My Nguyen is the creative genius behind Indooroopilly's luxury chocolate shop, My Chocolate Boutique

Spoil mum with the gorgeous Gold Leaf chocolates, hand-made in Brisbane decorated with edible 24-k gold leaf--because our mums deserve the very best! 

My Chocolate Boutique is full of eye-candy! You can custom make your mum a box full of her favourite chocolates, do a one-stop shop with a beautifully packaged gift-bag, or pick up one of the well-curated collaborations with The Lip Lab Brisbane or Julisa Nail Polish.


Custom Makeup

The Lip Lab Brisbane is sure to be the perfect treat for the make-up addicts. Book mum an appointment at the Adelaide Street studio so she can get creative and custom design and name her perfect lipgloss, lipstick, foundation, and concealer with the incredibly knowledgeable Lip Lab team. 

The Lip Lab Brisbane

It's a mesmerising process watching the different pigments mix into each other to create the desired shade. If you do get mum an appointment here, the Lip Lab team recommends you bring some photos of the lip colour you have in mind for inspiration. 

Float Therapy

Treat your mum with some relaxation time with a float at City Cave. They have a beautiful float studio off of James Street-- perfect for busy city-living to tune out and connect to a deep level of relaxation. Float therapy involves spending an hour or more in a complete darkness in a warm bath of Epsom salt.

This therapy is known to reduce stress levels all throughout your body, easy muscle tension, and soreness, decrease anxiety, and depression, and aid in weight loss by helping the mind get into an optimistic mindset. 


A post shared by City Cave (@city.cave) on

Yoga Passes

Last week, we interviewed another super-mum, Lexi Crouch who owns Ashtanga Yoga Brisbane on James Street and is a mum and bubs yoga instructor at Yoga Everyday in Stafford. The mum and bubs yoga workshops run fortnightly. The class is a gentle yoga flow and post-natal routine for new mums. It's a great opportunity to meet other new mums and join a supportive community. 

A post shared by Lexi Crouch (@lexi.crouch) on

Yoga passes are an excellent gift for anyone. They usually don't expire and gives them an opportunity to try something new if they haven't already committed to an exercise routine or yoga studio.

Mini Nanny Agency Gift Voucher!

Oh, the versatility of this gift! If you need a nanny in Brisbane, Goldcoast, or Byron Bay give the team at Mini a ring. Gifting a family a nanny agency voucher allows for the possibilities of a date night, girls night out for mum, or even an overnight stay at the coast kid-free. 

Mini Nanny Agency Gift Voucher

Our nannies are certified, creative, and all around super-nannies and the kids will be happy to be entertained by them while mum enjoys all the pampering she deserves!


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mini Nanny Agency Meets Ashtanga Yoga Mama, Lexi Crouch!

mini Nanny Agency meets Lexi Crouch

Lexi Crouch is a yoga teacher, studio owner, Eating Disorder and Exercise Addiction therapist, lifestyle blogger, Bachelor of Health Sciences student, and on top of all of that is a supermum!

The mini Nanny Agency team came across the gorgeous Lexi from her Instagram, @lexi.crouch where she posts her yoga journey with her 10-month-old mini, Mabel. We were more than thrilled to finally meet with this busy Brisbane mum who has just opened a yoga studio together with her dedicated yoga instructor husband, Aaron, called Brisbane Ashtanga Yoga right here in mini Nanny Agency’s home neighbourhood on James Street! 

how amazing this this yogi mum!?

How did you get into yoga? 

I was suffering from an eating disorder and exercise addiction and conventional medicine had never worked for me. I first thought that yoga would not be enough of a workout for me to keep fit so I had overlooked it, but I found so much more than an exercise in yoga practice. It allowed me to find a balanced lifestyle and has been a tremendous part of my healing journey.

I had met my husband through yoga and completed my yoga teacher training program in Perth. We would visit Mysore, India every year to refresh our mindset and meet with the creator of Ashtanga Yoga, Sharath Jois. We always look forward to our Mysore trip because we get to meet with different instructors from all over the world and talk about what they’re doing with yoga. 

Lexi Crouch Yoga with bub

We opened up Ashtanga Yoga Brisbane about a month ago and we’ve been really fortunate to have so much support in the community. This is an exciting new chapter in our lives and I love being able to share a practice that has helped me in so many ways.

Owning a studio is my husband, Aaron’s dream come to life. So we’ve been really grateful that we’ve been able to open up Ashtanga Yoga Brisbane in New Farm. The biggest priority for us at the moment is just creating a community at the studio for people to practice yoga without judgment and meet like-minded people. 

Can you tell us a bit about your mum and bubs yoga classes?

Starting next week, I’ll be teaching mum and bubs yoga at the Yoga Everyday studio in Stafford. I think it all ties into the importance of community again because when you become a mum, your whole life begins to revolve around this tiny human’s needs and you can become isolated. Mum and bubs yoga is a great space for new mums to come together to talk about anything really, and know that we’re all in it together. 

Mum and Bub Yoga with Lexi Crouch

I’m hoping to get into teaching more mum and toddler classes soon. To teach little ones and parents to slow down and really listen to their bodies. These classes will help get mums some exercise and to network with other mums. 

What do you find most rewarding about being a mum?

I thought I didn’t want kids at one point in my life, but now I can’t imagine myself without Mabel. Motherhood is everything! I’ve found a lot of growth through motherhood and raising Mabel with Aaron. It’s rewarding growing together and learning how to slow down and appreciate the little things as a family. 

Favourite mum and Mabel activities? 

Mabel is a really active girl. I think she gets that crazy energy from my husband! We’re outdoors a lot so she can burn off that energy. We love going for walks at New Farm park and having picnics. Days at the beach as a family is her favourite too. 

What do you think is essential in maintaining a healthy work-life relationship?

Up until 6 months old, Mabel has been such a calm baby. Now she’s kind of woken up and has such high energy and is a lot more demanding. It can be a strain on my relationship with my husband because at the end of the busy work day, we’ll both be exhausted and our work schedules don't always align. 

Yogi family the Crouchs

I think the key to work-life balance is to make quality time for each other. We enjoy family breakfasts or walks through New Farm park. It's nice to get a babysitter once in awhile and be a couple again! 

And don’t forget to do something that makes you happy for yourself. 

Can you tell me a bit of your nanny story? 

I nannied when I was 18 for a family of an ex-Olympic Australian swimmer for about 3 years. I didn’t know what I wanted to do yet coming straight out of high-school, but I knew I didn’t want an office job so I took on nannying. I’ve always liked kids, and I love to keep active, nannying didn't feel like work. 

It’s great building that trust with families and having them welcome you in like a family member. I was never asked to do household chores, but I did anyways to go above and beyond for the family who really treated me as a member too. 

Do you have any advice for new business owners? 

Owning a yoga studio felt like a pipe dream for a long time, but owning your business is achievable. If you spend one day working on one small thing, it will eventually come together for you. 

Brisbane Lexi Crouch

To connect with Lexi and find more information on the many hats she wears, check out her website and follow her inspiring Instagram @lexi.crouch !



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Meet Nanny Gemma

Nanny Gemma A.k.a Jimjams

It's with great pleasure that the mini team introduce nanny Gemma a.k.a  Jimjams. She’s a full-time Mary Poppins to a beautiful family with 4 children plus a cat and a big dog. 

Gemma loves campervan camping and is a major foodie. She loves to dine out for inspiration to take back into her kitchen where she enjoys creating delicious and nutritious meals from scratch.

How did you get started with mini Nanny Agency? 

It was fate meeting Michelle at a yoga and wellness centre in New Farm. Nannying sort of just made sense for me. Michelle and I connected straight away and had an amazing discussion about our passions. 

I had 10 years of experience running salons and a photography studio which came out of a love of being around people and helping them feel beautiful in their own skin. 

I have always enjoyed working with kids and making them laugh, entertaining them, and having fun. Meeting Michelle and nannying felt like it was all meant to be for me.

What is the day in the life of Nanny Jimjams?

I get up with the sun and am with the family for 6 am. School drop-offs and household duties are part of my morning routine. I make all meals from scratch, keep the house immaculate, and act as a personal assistant to the parents. 

Breakfast has to be nourishing and slow-carb releasing as the kids have such big days! The breakfast winner at the moment is the “avocado smush.” It’s avo and feta on whole grain toast. 

Avo Toast Nanny Diaries

I braid the girls’ hair, tidy the kitchen and check to see that the kids' bed made. At 7:10 it’s a swift exit to the schools and pre-school sports activities! It’s a busy morning, but things start to slow down without the kids around so I do the cleaning, washing, errands and walk the dog. 

What has been your favourite moment as a nanny? 

I can’t get enough one on one time with each child. I love getting hugs and reading books together. The best moments are filled with affection and literally laughing till our bellies ache! 

What has been your greatest challenge as a nanny?

For me, the most challenging thing about being a nanny is creating boundaries and knowing when to step back and when to jump in with both feet.

There’s a lot of learning to do about yourself in the nannying career just as there is to learn about kids and families which makes this role so much more rewarding.

What’s the best thing a parent has done to make you feel appreciated? 

I got a phone call the other night from the kids screaming “love ya! Thank you for everything you do for us!” That was pretty cute! A quiet thank you is always much appreciated

What’s the soundtrack to your life at the moment?

The kids and I love blasting the car stereo to Bruno Mars! 

When you’re not on nanny duties, what inspires nanny Gemma?

My partner and I just bought a camper van, so it’s the gypsy life for me! We love Byron Bay and spend our weekends outside soaking in the ocean spray, paddle-boarding, and winding down the day eating the best slow cooked brisket! 

Beautiful Byron Bay light house 

Beautiful Byron Bay light house 

I train at gym 4 days a week and love yoga and catch ups with friends over food, of course! I’m always keeping an eye out for new restaurants to try. 

Best advice for new nannies? 

A nanny has to understand different personalities in a family and finding the best way to meet everyone's needs to offer the best support. 

I know with teenage boys it’s more of a stern approach. You need to treat them like men and give them that bit of autonomy that they crave. I am there to support them into becoming more independent. With the girls, it’s always more of a trade and compromising. Homework first and baking after. 

With the parents, you need to be able to anticipate their needs to the best of your ability. Be the best support possible and go beyond to exceed their expectations. 

What do you wish parents and outsiders looking in would understand about being a nanny and the nanny field in general? 

The stereotype of the nanny life is that we just play with kids all day, but in reality, nannying requires a lot of emotional support to the parents, diplomacy, and patience

There are days that are tough and mentally draining, but there more days that you feel like you made a difference than not. It's a lot of hard work, but it is definitely rewarding.

Since you're such a foodie, what are your favourite Brisbane restaurants and what should I order? 

Depending on what you enjoy, Katrina, my fav restaurant in Brisbane is Survey Co in the city. Survey co is all about the fresh locally sourced produce and excellent service- the owner takes your order! It’s a little expensive, but it’s the best I have been too! 

On a weekend, I love Miami Marketta.  Marketta is like Eat Street markets but better! It’s full of cocktail bars and has a dance floor. Last weekend, I had the best damn chicken burger of my life!! 

You can’t go wrong with Rouge in Newstead for brekkie dates and cute date nights. The pancakes are legendary!! 


How to Introduce Your Pets to Your Baby

By: Katrina Lubiano


I think most pet owners (myself included) consider their cats and dogs their fur-babies. You fall into this category if your pets are spoiled with attention and can often be seen spammed throughout your social media feed (of which I am also guilty). Increasing your family size with two little feet will undoubtedly be a stressful transition. Making sure your pet is ready for the baby will help with this transition go much smoother.

For happier pets and less stressed out parents, it’s best to begin integrating new routines and training for your pet gradually and as early as possible.

It's going to be challenging for your pets to understand that they'll no longer be the centre of your world. To avoid jealous pets, you can begin making changes around the household during pregnancy. Early preparation will help reduce the anxiety animals can experience when drastic changes happen. Consider how your routine will change when the baby arrives and moderately begin to alter your pet's routine.


1. Setup Your babies Digs As Soon As Possible

Baby gear will introduce new sights and smells to your pet; set up the baby’s digs as soon as possible so your family can adapt to the new space.  Remember, dogs and cats are much more sensitive to scents and the energy surrounding them-- keep it a positive one! When you have fashioned the baby's new space, you can begin to establish boundaries by keeping the baby's belongings and room off-limits.

get your pets ready for a baby

2. Ensure Your Pets Understand basic Obedience

Teaching your pet some basic obedience skills seems like the obvious, but it’s crucial to ensure your pet has the control and behavioural skills to be around the baby. Being confident that your pet will not bring any harm to your baby, will reduce your anxiety for when your baby comes home. Your pet needs to know that it is not okay for them to jump into the crib, or chew on the baby’s new things.  


3. Consider Crate Training your Dog

The ASPCA suggests that you crate train your dog: “If you crate train your dog, you’ll know that she’s safe when you can’t supervise her, and she’ll have a cozy place of her own to relax when things get hectic.” Command your dog with the word “crate” or “bed” (hand signals may be helpful) and show your dog to their crate. Once in the crate, reward your dog with a treat and praise them. When beginning the training, leave your dog in the crate for 10-15 minutes, and as training progress, and they begin to feel comfortable with their space, you can leave them alone for longer periods.


3. Prep Your Pet For Your Babies Touch

It’s also recommended that you prepare your pet for the baby’s touch and movements. When your child is old enough, teach them to handle the household pet gently. In the meantime, you can help your furry friend anticipate the clumsy touch of a young child by introducing your pet to these sensations yourself. Infants will pinch, poke, pull, and push your furry friend-- it’s an inevitability. Teaching your pet to tolerate these new sensations with a reward, will help your pet tolerate it when your pet and infant begin to play together.

You can also invite your friends’ infants over to introduce your pets to children. It also would be great if your little helpers are experienced around animals, so they’ll know how to be gentle. It's all about imprinting the positive experiences for your pet, and rewarding good behaviour and immediately rooting out the bad.

clumsy baby touch

4. Tire-Out Your pup Before The First Encounter

Upon the first encounter between dog and baby, if possible, ask a friend or family member to take your dog out for a long walk to exercise off some energy and have the baby in the house for when your dog returns home. Animals are very perceptive to the emotions and energy of their owners so be mindful of your body language and feelings. If you’re jumpy around your dog in anticipation of your dog harming your baby, your dog may feel your anxiety. The ASPCA suggests, “[You] choose a quiet room, and sit down with the baby in your arms. Have a helper leash your dog and bring her into the room. Again, avoid any nervous or agitated behaviour. Talk to your dog in a calm, happy voice as you invite her to approach. Convince her that meeting and interacting with her new friend is fun, not stressful.”

tired out puppy ready for baby

5. "Claim Your Babies Scent"

Caesar Milan encourages parents to “claim” their baby's scent. The practice maintains your alpha status to the dog and establishes boundaries. Milan recommends you do this before you introduce your baby to meet your pet. The idea is that you are giving your dog permission to sniff an item with the baby’s scent to demonstrate that its importance to you: “this [scent] belongs to me, you will need to follow my rules when around it." This helps start the process of creating respect for the baby.”


6. Give Your Pets Enough Attention

The new baby will take up a lot of your attention, but try your best to not cut out on the quality time with your fur babies. You may be tempted to catch up on the cuddles with your pets while your baby is asleep or away, but try to avoid exclusively giving your pet attention during these times. Your pets may begin to recognize the pattern of their cuddle sessions with you and that of the baby’s presence and develop jealousy. Give your pet a lot of attention while the baby is around by talking to your pet or tossing them a toy. You can keep rewarding your pet’s good behaviour as well as positively affecting your pet’s experience with the baby. Interacting with your pet around the baby will help teach your pet to love the new baby.

cute puppy baby

7. Don't Leave Them Alone

I think this next piece of advice is common sense, but please don't leave your babies alone with your pet! Life will no doubt, be chaotic upon the arrival of your baby, but remember to give to give your fur-babies some love too!

If you need an extra pair of hands or a sitter for a well-deserved date night keep mini Nanny Agency in mind for your all your nanny needs.


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