mini's Sweet Interview with My Chocolate Boutique

Mini Majer Interview With My Chocolate Boutique Brisbane

My Chocolate Boutique is Brisbane’s own luxury chocolate shop home of the Gold Leaf artisan chocolate decorated with 24-k gold leaf and handcrafted in Brisbane. My Chocolate Boutique is located at the Indooroopilly shopping centre and stocks only the finest chocolate brands from around the world that ethically source their cocoa. 

Find these sweet treats at the Indooroopilly shopping centre

Find these sweet treats at the Indooroopilly shopping centre

With mother’s day just around the corner, the boutique has been busy prepping beautiful treasures to box up for the well-deserved mums. Is there a sweeter way to say I love you than with chocolates? 

The mastermind behind My Chocolate Boutique is a supermum herself! My Nguyen is a university tutor, research technician, Ph.D candidate, and mother of 2 beautiful children, all on top of running her own business.  

My Chocolate Boutique


How did My Chocolate Boutique come to life? 

Everything I do would not be possible without my supportive husband. My chocolate making started as a passion project. I made chocolate dinosaurs for my son’s birthday party and they were a hit with the kids as much as they were with the parents! I had orders lined up for parties before I knew it and called my company My Sweet Treats.

It all started with these chocolate critters! 

It all started with these chocolate critters! 

I met C, my boutique’s store manager, last year in July at a market. She imports coffee beans and also has a love of making chocolate treats. We connected right off the bat and I knew I wanted to work with her. We also have three young team members who work on a casual basis. – Katie, Mondi, and Toan.

We were lucky enough to move into the spot we’re in now at the Indooroopilly shopping centre last October and originally, we thought we would only be in that spot for Christmas gifting season, but everything sort of fell into place for us and we hope to expand in new locations and perhaps add a cafe to our current location.  

What is the day in the life of My Nguyen?

Every day is different and my weekends are dedicated to my kids. Weekdays start with family breakfast, drop off at daycare, followed by classes which will include tutorials, research meetings for schools of medicine, nursing, or psychology. My Ph.D. work involves papers and independent research. 

For my business days, I meet with lots of people all day from customers to suppliers. I do the product ordering and bookkeeping as well as overall store management. When the work or school day is over, I pick up the kids and we have dinner together. 

What has been your favourite moment as a mum? 

GOMA sugar spin Brisbane

Watching my kids grow up, learn, and develop. I'm always proud of them. Their laughter is like music to my soul. 

Do you have any advice for new business owners? 

My Chocolate Boutique

The first year is always the hardest. Hang in there and keep believing in your business. Be good to your people/employees because they are the real faces of and for your business. Communication is also key. 

For those who want to start a business and too afraid- Just do it! Follow your dreams. That's what I did. I'm a doer and so everything I say or think I just do. If you think too much, it's never going to happen (this is for everything with life).

How do you maintain a work-school-life balance?

My Chocolate Boutique

I stay well organised, I set plans and priorities and I stick to them. It makes me very efficient. I just don't waste time. (Even my social days are planned where I catch up with friends one after another for the whole day-- Uni friends, that is).

What are your favourite activities to do with the kids?

Singing and dancing them. They are just so full of life!

Any recommendations for mother’s day gift from the Boutique?

We have fine chocolates that are made locally and international. You find only the best quality chocolate at our store. Gold leaf is especially recommended- ladies just adore our luxury Gold Leaf range, rose and pistachio chocolate pyramids garnished with 24k is the most popular. Our collaborations with The Lip-Lab, Julisa, and Bohemia Crystal have also been a hit! 

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Catching up with Flying Sprout: Educational Activities for Kids on the Move

Brisbane Flying Sprout Educational activities for kids on the move

mini Majer has always been an advocate for local Brisbane businesses and we were beyond excited to get the chance to catch up with Brisbane-born business, Flying Sprout

Bianca Chopra is a teacher by trade, a busy Brisbane mum of 3-year-old, Jai and the creative mind behind Flying Sprout-- travel-friendly educational kits for kids on the move! 

Flying Sprout was inspired by a Chopra family trip to Europe when Jai was 18 months old. Bianca wanted educational screen-free entertainment for the 20-hour flight. Today, her products have been gaining international exposure with shipments to Singapore, Spain, the US, and Indonesia!


What is the day in the life of Bianca like lately? 

It’s always different, but Jai and I always start the day with some exercise. We go for a walk every morning. He’ll play with his lego and we’ll do different activities like music lessons or go to a playgroup to make new friends for the both of us. Everywhere we go together, we both enjoy so that makes the day fun for us. 

If I’m lucky, Jai will nap in the afternoon and I can work on Flying Sprout or tutor.



What do you find most rewarding in running your own business from home? 

Being a part of Jai’s life and getting in the best quality time. I get to watch him explore and learn something new every day, and of course, the cuddles! 

I’ve always wanted to be a mum and it’s awesome! 



What are your and Jai’s favourite activities? 

Jungle walks. We started going to the hills and the rain forests around Mount Tamborine. It’s great exercise and Jai will walk 2 and a half km. We love it and it really engages him. 

We’re also so lucky to live right next to the theme parks around Brisbane. We have annual passes and they’re great value and a good reward for Jai.



Do you have a favourite teaching moment?

I just love seeing the capabilities of children. If you give them the chance and the right support, they can do almost anything. I think we assume that children can’t do something because it might be too difficult so we don’t give them the opportunity to try. 

I used to teach grade 5 and 6 and we do this assignment where the kids would design their own breakfast cereals and do the marketing for it themselves. I did this same activity with primary students and I was so inspired by how well they did with it! It’s moments like those that make me love what I do. 

Brisbane Flying Sprout Kids Activities

What do you think is essential in maintaining a balanced work-life relationship?

I’m really lucky because I get to work around my schedule with Jai. I do what I have time for and have learned a lot about running a business. I do everything myself from building and maintaining the website, the social media, and creating new on-the-go activities. I still have lots to learn but it’s very exciting. 



Do you have a soundtrack to your life at the moment?

I like having music on around the house, and I should really do it more often. It changes the atmosphere of anything you’re doing. Jai and I lately have been listening to the soundtrack of Dirty Dancing and we both have a dance. 



Where would you like to see Flying Sprout in the next couple years?

I would like to have regular orders and have people love it. I would love to go to a cafe and see someone whip it out of their Flying Sprout kit for their little one. The community around Flying Sprout has been great and very supportive. 



Do you have any advice for new business owners? 

Don’t expect success overnight, but enjoy the process. 



What about advice for new mums? 

Trust your gut. If you feel like you should do something your way, do it. Trust what you feel because you know your child the best. 

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