Interview with Michelle Moloney

Infusing vibrant energy into the nanny industry

‘The perfect fit for you.’ – Michelle Moloney, Director of mini Nanny Agency

‘The perfect fit for you.’ – Michelle Moloney, Director of mini Nanny Agency

When Michelle Moloney, Director of mini Nanny Agency, stands up to greet you, it takes only a moment to see why she is breathing fresh life into the nanny industry. Her smile is warm and genuine and she is quick to greet you with a hug, and break out in laughter. She is vibrant and charming, with an effusive energy that is contagious – and when she sits down to chat, you know she is ready to put that energy into getting to know you.

These traits are perfectly aligned with mini where they adore kids, and pride themselves on making the journey of finding a nanny (both for the families and the nannies!) easy, personal and, above all, fun. Michelle, who has been at the helm of mini for the past four years, knows the value of personalised service and the team at mini will always take the time to get to know every family and nanny that they work with to ensure the best possible match.

It’s about time that we took that same approach, and got to know Michelle as well!


Michelle, tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

Well, I’m a yogi at heart, and obsessed with Dr Pepper (not the drink, my dog!). I love nature, which probably originated from my early childhood growing up in the villages of the Philippines. But really, I’m just a girl that has always had a burning desire to do something meaningful by building genuine relationships. That explains my career perhaps!

What brought you to mini?

It was an introduction that was truly one of the best things that ever happened to me. I had just finished a recruitment contract and started a new job working with a small boutique recruitment agency. During that time, I also began managing mini. Soon I realised where my real love was, and one year later, boom, mini became my baby!

What makes mini unique as a nanny agency?

mini is not for the ordinary! We live for fun, and aspire to have fun every single day. Our mini team is incredibly personable – an important trait as that’s what our business foundation was built upon. And we are responsive. There’s no waiting game here at mini, and our clients can vouch for that. But our most unique characteristic is that here at mini we genuinely want to build sincere, authentic relationships – these relationships are what enable us to find the perfect fit.

What value does mini bring to their clients?

The mini team is here to solve Australia’s number one problem – childcare – while at the same time helping lovely, qualified and trustworthy individuals find meaningful forever jobs with a genuine purpose.

How do you find such incredible, trustworthy nannies?

Well, I can’t tell you all of our secrets otherwise we’ll be out of business! But I can tell you that at mini our expertise lies in our talent sourcing innovation. Our clients often say, ‘If anyone can find a nanny, it’s Michelle!’ We have an extensive in-house database with over 800 registered nannies, and also utilise some of Australia’s top job portals (and no, we aren’t talking about!). Nanny referrals also go a long way and we take our families’ opinions very seriously.

We  ensure that each of our nannies is recruited using a rigorous onboarding process. It starts with the family registration, which each family completes and which we use to start their personalised nanny search. Then we begin advertising, including contacting suitable nannies from our database. This leads to a shortlist of qualified potential candidates.

From here the real hard work begins because at mini we are meticulous in our nanny screening. First we have a phone call with the potential nanny. If this goes well, we meet them for a face-to-face interview to really get to know their personality. We run validation checks, including police checks, blue cards, first aid qualifications, social media checks and, of course, references. It is only after all this background screening that we begin coordinating family and nanny interviews.

Of course our job isn’t done at mini. We’re there to relay feedback, participate in negotiation (always the fun part!) and supply all the onboarding paperwork once the perfect fit is found. This ensures that our clients are set up for a successful nanny relationship.

Recruitment is an emotional experience for our clients and ensuring there is clear communication throughout the whole cycle is key. You never know who or how your candidates will meet you on your path again!

How does mini help manage and meet the expectations of families and nannies?

That easy – educate and share knowledge!

Personally, what has been your biggest success as an entrepreneur? Biggest failure?

I don’t refer to myself as an entrepreneur – I prefer the term business owner or director! I feel that after four years in business, it is wonderful that we’re still here and that that’s an achievement every day. I really am grateful. Sure I make mistakes (little ones!) all the time, but I’m an improvement seeker and always want to grow and learn from them.

Where do you see mini going in the future?

I appreciate the hustle and bustle of small business, so for now I think we’ll remain a small business!

If you’d love to know more about mini Nanny Agency or Michelle, reach out here. Michelle is always keen for a chat or a coffee or, even better, both!


Activities For a Rainy Day

Activities For A Rainy Day

Bad weather is hard on children. They want to run and play, but the weather won’t let them. That can lead to a serious case of the doldrums and cranky children! It’s up to parents to stop that from happening. Here are some fun rainy day ideas that will keep the kids engaged and happy.


Get Them Moving

The first problem is that your child is not getting enough movement. This can be a real source of boredom, and if he’s not active, he probably won’t tire out enough to sleep well. Here are some fun ways to get him moving:


  • Teach your kids to dance. There are a ton of YouTube resources where your child can find dance moves or the routines that pop stars use in their hit music videos. Check out Fit For A Feast, a website full of free online dance lessons, gymnastic tutorials, and more!

  • This is an excellent time to help your child learn about how to exercise in both rain or shine. Search YouTube for kids’ exercise videos. The Realistic Mama shares her picks for the 9 best videos that teach kids fitness.

  • You can also get creative and think outside of the box. Sure, building a couch fort and staging a battle can be fun, but with a little painting tape, you can create all kinds of neat activities for your kids indoors. Check out these 5 interesting ways to get them moving from Super Healthy Kids.

 If your child is not averse to getting wet and the rain lets up a bit, you can pull out the galoshes and let them play outside for a brief period to cool off. Of course, be sure that the weather is warm enough and you are not in severe weather conditions.


Sharpen Their Brain Skills

A break from school can cause kids to lose focus and even skills they learned in the classroom. Keep their brains sharp by engaging them in math and science activities and in everyday applications. Here are some great options: 

  • Did you know that teaching your children to cook is a great way to help them learn math as well as a valuable life skill? Measuring, mixing, and cutting ingredients into halves or quarters teaches math without them realizing it. Here are 5 family-fun recipes from Delishably. 

  • Board games are a great way to learn math as well as other skills. However, you can also create games of your own if the kids are bored of your current collection. Check out this Pinterest board full of math gamesthat you can make yourself. You should also take a look at this list of real-world math activities for kids from HomeAdvisor, which has over 100 ideas on games that kids will love that also boost math skills, including building a rubber band helicopter and designing a Barbie dream house.

  • How about a science experiment with ingredients you have right in your kitchen? Show your kids how to make their own glass of “lava” with this tutorial from Earth Science Jr.


Fun Online Activities

There are plenty of other online activities that they can do to enjoy the day as well, including:

  • Learn magic: This article from The Spruce Crafts teaches kids the basics of 11 magic tricks that are actually science projects. 

  • Drawing: Is your child interested in learning to draw? There are many artistic styles he can choose from, including line drawing, pen art, and cartoons, to name a few. Check out’s list of drawing resources to find a lesson he enjoys.

  • Online Learning: If your child doesn’t exactly know his interest, this site offers a comprehensive list of free courses for kids, covering everything from game creation to learning the piano.

Bad weather days can be challenging for kids, but with a little creativity and supervised online access, they can actually learn something new and have some fun. You may even find your child wishing for rain.