mini's Hot Tips to Finding Your Perfect Nanny Match

Mini's Hot Tips To Finding Your Perfect Nanny Match

If the thought of leaving your young children at home to return to the work routine has you feeling anxious, it's worth while looking into hiring an extra set of hands to help you care for your children! 

Don't fret--the girls at mini have you covered! We understand how nerve-racking it can be to trust a complete stranger you've met off of the internet with your treasures whilst you're at work for most of the day. mini Nanny Agency's mission is to offer you the best childcare solution for your family and give you that peace of mind.

We provide invaluable advice from over 10 years of recruitment and HR experience, ongoing support for your nanny concerns, and can proudly say we have the largest database and reach of talented nannies Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Byron Bay have to offer. 

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If you're thinking about embarking on the nanny hiring process, we can't be more excited for you and your family! Nannies offer your children stability as a form of childcare because your nannies will work out of the comfort of your household. Most nannies are willing to help with light household chores, run errands, do the before and after-school drop-offs, pick-ups, and meal prep adding extra hours to your day. 

With a nanny, your children will receive more attention and have activities catered to their interests and skill levels. Most importantly, your family will have a pillar of support and hopefully gain a life-long friend. Invest in these tips if you're thinking about hiring a nanny on your own and don't hesitate to contact the mini team for any questions. 

Do your research

If you're going to advertise yourself, it's imperative that you do your research! Only post on trusted websites; ensuring that you are targeting nanny candidates who are in your ideal audience and demographic. Yes, it can be a time consuming and costly exercise, but take the time to read company testimonials and ask around on web forums to see if the website is right for you. 

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When you hire a nanny, you take on the responsibility of an employer. It might be helpful to look into your tax responsibilities, average salaries, insurances, and other obligations. We have just the article for your to get you started! 

Read our employment agreement guide for a nanny employer   here

Read our employment agreement guide for a nanny employer  here

Be prepared and ask screening questions before you invite nannies for an interview.

It's exciting when you have responses to your ads and begin to contact your nanny applicants. Have a template in place with screening questions ready for your call. Here's some helpful questions to ask your nannies

On the first contact, briefly, discuss the nanny's motivations and work experience before inviting them into your home. If you felt that the conversation was flowing and you liked their answers, what are you waiting for? Invite that nanny for an interview!

The interview plays an instrumental part of the nanny hiring process. You want to make sure you and your nanny begin your relationship with clear, professional communication. Outline your expectations, any concerns, and determine what your values and interests are. These will be the foundations for finding your perfect nanny. 

Make the nanny interview a family decision

We advise your spend a minimum of 45 minutes at an interview with your nanny candidates. This is a lengthy process, but it's an important one. Have a notebook and jot down 5 questions highlighting your values and concerns for the role. 

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Most nannies are typically available to meet in the evenings or weekends which might be an ideal time for your family to meet your nanny. Always make the nanny candidates feel safe and comfortable in your home and invite your children to observe the interview. 

The interview will be a clear indicator of whether the nanny match will work or not with your family. If you feel very positive throughout the interview, you can provide the nanny with important contact numbers and describe the "day in the life" in the household with a tour. 

Always follow through with reference checks

Trust your gut. Anyone can forge written reference checks. Don't be afraid to look into the person you are trusting to look after your children. Ask for contact numbers or email address of your nanny candidates' references. If they can't get in contact with their references, suggest for your candidates to reach out to them on social media-- the beauty of technology makes it easier to reconnect with people, so there should rarely be an issue in providing references from previous employers due to lost contact. 

Always do reference checks for nanny hiring

Breathe and smile! When you've found yourself a gorgeous gem who meets your criteria and you have verified all the qualifications to care for your little treasures, you'll feel a large weight lifted off your shoulders. Adding a nanny to your household will be one of the greatest gifts you can give your family. Your nanny will be your children's extra cheerleaders and support systems. 

You can always rely on mini for any questions, concerns, or guidance for nanny recruitment. If you need a professional to recruit your nanny, look no further! Our passion is to find families their perfect nanny match. We have a streamlined process to ensure we save you the most time with honest and genuine service.