Meet Casual Kid-Sitter, Justin


By: Katrina Lubiano

mini Majer kid sitter Justin

Let me introduce you to our Canadian, casual kid-sitter, Justin, avid mountain climber, forest forager, and botany hobbyist. Justin studies health sciences at Torrens University in the Valley, works as a freelance writer, and is the brains behind natural health sciences website, The Sunlight Experiment

How did you come across mini Nanny Agency? 

My girlfriend [lucky me] found out about mini first, actually. She started a temp-nannying contract with the Majers looking after their 8-year-old son, Henry. 

We would pick Henry up together after school on Fridays and take the City Cat to Southbank and play Pokemon Go. Henry and I got along really well right off the bat. 

It was really sad when the contract ended for all of us since the Majers became like family to us. Katrina ended up getting another nannying gig, and I help out kid-sitting Henry whenever they need. 

What do you enjoy most about kid-sitting Henry? 

I like picking his brain. He gives me a fresh perspective, and he can talk about ANYTHING. I don’t think he knows it, but the kid is a comedic genius.  

What are your and Henry’s favourite activities together?

He loves gaming on his iPod. Henry gets really into them. We talk about Pokemon Go and Clash of Clans a lot. When he was really into Pokemon Go, we would go on long walks and catch Pokemon around the neighbourhood or go to South Bank. 

Katrina, Henry, Casey (our friend visiting from Canada), and I went on a day adventure during summer holidays to Mount Tamborine. We had a good time playing 21 questions in the car, checking out the cool shops on the strip, and walked down to the waterfalls there. He fell asleep right when he got home. 

What is the day in the life of Justin look like? 

I go to school and stick around to put in some freelance work. The Power Station cafe in the school makes the best cappuccinos. I’ll sometimes drink 3 in a day if I need to get a lot of work done. 

If I have Henry that afternoon, I’ll pick him up from school and do his usual routine. Otherwise, I’ll stay at school the whole day to work. 

In the evenings, I like to indoor rock climb at Urban Climb in Newstead or I’ll go for a 10 km run along the river through the city and back towards the Valley through Kangaroo Point and the Story Bridge. 

Can you tell us a bit about how you started The Sunlight Experiment

It’s just a blog that helps me organise everything I’ve learned from my experimental botany back in Canada, to my health sciences studies now. It’s a lot of hard work, and it keeps growing, so it’s really rewarding to see people actually read it. 

What do your plans in Australia look like?

I have about a year and a half left in uni. I finish August 2018, and I plan on going back to Canada. I guess before I go, I just want to learn as much as I can. Right now, I’m working on starting up a digital marketing agency for the health community. 

My parents are coming to visit in April and some friends visiting in May. It will be a lot of fun showing them around, and seeing Brisbane again through fresh eyes.