Meet Nanny Maddie

Nanny Maddie

Nanny Maddie is a jack-of-all-trades. Her background is in event planning, marketing, and childcare. She’s now a proud pet-parent of her gorgeous blue staffy, Tank, working as a creative marketing director, and is prepping for her fitness competition next month--all while being the super-nanny that she is!

What is it about nannying that attracted you to it as a career? 

Before I started nannying, I had 6 years of experience in childcare in the Early Years Framework curriculum. I wanted to move away from that because I felt like it stifled the creativity and fun working with kids. 

My favourite aspect of nannying would have to be the flexibility. I also love seeing how excited the kids get when they see me and enjoy the activities we do together.

Nannying is also very personal. I care very much about the family and I know the family cares a lot about me. It really is a rewarding career. 

Why mini Nanny Agency? 

mini Nanny Agency was the first nannying agency I came across, and I’m glad I did! Michelle and the mini team genuinely cares about the nannies as much as they do the families. 

What is the day in the life of Nanny Maddie?

I work full-time as a creative marketing executive and I like to keep very active throughout my day. I work with this family part-time, for three evenings in a week. After work, I will pick up the kids and we will get myself a coffee and a smoothie, Tank out for a walk, go to the park, play soccer, have dinner, get the kids ready for bed, and then I will hit the gym.

What’s the soundtrack to your life at the moment? 

Nicki Minaj - Starships (obviously, the edited version) and anything from the movie, Pitch Perfect.  The kids love singing along and we have a blast in the car.

What makes nannying fun for you?

I genuinely look forward to clocking out of my desk job and hanging out with the kids. It’s really rewarding how much happiness you can get when the kids are happy. I loving getting to see the kids’ characters and personalities come out, especially with young ones and getting to know them. 

What are your favourite activities to do with the kids?

We love going for walks, we play soccer, and we like to find new cafes to have a milkshake and a coffee.

What do you think is essential in maintaining a balanced work-life relationship?

I think the key is keeping organised and being friendly and firm about your needs so that you can fit the important things into your day. I never leave nannying stressed, it’s my break away from the office life. I also don't work on the weekends so I can have me-time. 

When you’re not on nanny duties, what inspires nanny Maddie?

I am really into fitness and nutrition, my family, and my 2-year old blue staffy, Tank. I’m training for a fitness competition in the Gold Coast, and the Arnold Classics later this year. Health and nutrition are my passion! I would love to set up a mum and babies boot camp, or a children’s dance studio; ballet has been a part of my life since I was four.