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By: Katrina Lubiano


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Michelle Moloney is the best nanny matchmaker in Brisbane! It’s evident in the first few moments of meeting Michelle that she’s passionate about what she does. 

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What is it about nannying that attracted you to it as a career?

"I’ve always been a kid at heart! Kids are a good reminder of the importance finding fun in everything that you do and not to take life so seriously. I think childcare is a rewarding career path. The deliverance to families of finding great, reliable childcare solutions is an absolute pleasure!"


Do you have a favourite nanny movie?

"Mrs. Doubtfire with Robin Williams!"


Why Mini Nanny Agency? 

"I’ve kept Mini because I am the new generation and want to continue on the original journey from where it originated from. Mini Nanny Agency is simple yet effective.

My logo represents simplicity, innovation and the new generation of Mini with the green representing balance & harmony. When you invest in hiring a nanny, it really is about providing balance and harmony in a household whilst your children are being cared for. Mini can offer you peace of mind knowing that all our nannies are only loving, kind & professional!"


What is a day in the life of Michelle, the nanny recruiter like?

"In the morning, I always clap my hands and say to myself: “I can do anything Beyonce can do!” But seriously, I start my morning taking care of my fitness. I love ballet barre classes and pilates-style exercises. Then I get on with my day with a cup of love by the boys at Cantinho Coffee (love them) and head down to the office. I like to prioritize my to-do list for the day. Every day is different with new opportunities and yes even the challenges! I do it all and yes I mean everything - the admin, the reference checks, and interviewing, so my days are happily busy. I’m constantly out meeting with families and nannies either here at the office, parks, coffee shops, or at the family homes. So let's just say each day is colourful! Oh and good music is also a MUST in my day."


What’s the soundtrack to your life at the moment?

"This is a tough one but my jam is Florence and the Machine - You Got the Love."


What makes recruitment fun for you?

"I enjoy that every day is different. There’s always new opportunities, but there are also some challenges I run into and it’s all about providing a solution. For me, those challenges are an opportunity to grow & learn and become a better business owner. Not every day is full of sunshine. Just like everybody else, there are days where I have to put on a brave face and have to think about how I can turn situations into a positive and what solutions I can put forward. It’s all a learning and growing experience, which I think makes owning a business so challenging yet rewarding."


What do you think is essential for making the best matches for nannies and families?

"Recruitment for me has always been about connecting with people based on their values and has always been a personable experience for me. I love hearing candidates' journeys. I think getting to know the families at their home, and gaining a better insight of the nannies through their stories is fundamental in ensuring that the nanny and family's values align."


When you’re not recruiting, at the office, or working out, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

"Nature nature nature! I can't get enough of it and it really makes me content. I'm a hippie at heart but you can't take the city out of me. Just like everyone else, the cafe life is nice and yes, like every girl, I love to shop but nature outrides all of that and keeps me sane."

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