Halloween Safety: No Tricks, Just Treats!

By: Katrina Lubiano


In North America, late October marks the transition from the autumn season into winter. The leaves change colour, animals begin to hibernate, and a layer of frost will blanket the trees. It's a celebration surrounded by superstition that was originally thought to be an ancient Celtic festival. It was celebrated around a bonfire with people dressed up in costumes to frighten away lingering spirits. Over time, the traditions have changed, and Halloween is now celebrated in many different countries around the world! Halloween has become one of Australia's favourite holidays where kids' creativity can come to life in costumes and of course, heaps of candy are rewarded for their participation

Keep this spooky season light-hearted and fun with some safety tips from us at mini nanny agency. Halloween weekend has arrived, your little ones must be busy putting last minute touches to their superhero, princesses, and crazed-clown costumes to go house to house collecting all the candy their little arms can carry home.

Talk to your kids about Halloween safety. Pack your kiddos a flashlight or glow sticks for better visibility and go over the safety basics with your kids before leaving the house. It can be easy to forget to look both ways before crossing the road, not entering strangers homes, and the difference between harmless tricks and vandalism when the excitement of costumes and candy are involved. Before leaving the house, make an agreement with your little ones about holding off digging into their bag of treats until an adult has inspected it. Explain to your child the dangers that can arise during Halloween so they can better conceptualize the rules. 

If your child is old enough to trick-or-treat without an adult, make sure they’re in a trusted group of peers and have given you a game plan with a firm time limit for their route. It's best to stick to familiar areas. Access to an emergency cell phone is a good idea-- ask your child to keep their eyes on the road when crossing and not on the phone screen.  

Costumes should be creative and practical. Pedestrian- vehicle accidents are more likely to happen on Halloween. Opt for brighter clothing, and perhaps add light reflective tapes to your child's costumes. Remind your children to only cross at marked crosswalks, and to make eye-contact with the driver to ensure they have been seen.  Instead of vision obstructing masks, maybe opt for toxic-free face paint.

It's a good idea to test out any face painting and make-up products before Halloween night for any allergic reactions

It's a good idea to test out any face painting and make-up products before Halloween night for any allergic reactions

Check online to see what neighbourhoods in Brisbane are participating year before heading out. Steer clear from unlit houses, it usually indicates that they aren't participating in this years' spooky celebrations. 

For your younger children, it might be a better idea to trick-or-treat at a shopping centre. Many Brisbane shops are eager to hand out treats for your little ones. This makes it easy for parents and nannies to keep an eye on younger children as shopping centres are well lit and have no roads to worry about indoors. 

Have a safe and spooky Halloween from us at mini nanny agency! Please tag a photo of your little treasures in their costumes @mininannyagency via Instagram for your chance to win a one-night nanny gift voucher-- just in time for Christmas party season! 


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